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Treble with the Bass: Sami James


Welcome back! It has been a long time but we are back bigger and better than ever. This year you are going to be reading about the best up and coming artists of 2017! So whether you are new to Treble with the Bass or have been a solid reader for the past three years, you are really in for a treat this year!

So to kick us off we have the talented Sami James back in the Treble with the Bass house to give us some important news and information on his plans this year.


Welcome back Sami James, so what have you been up for the past ten months since we last spoke? Hello again! Has it been ten months? Seems like ages ago… Well let me think back, I released my E.P Show the World, I have played a lot of concerts and small venues around Brighton and the south of Spain and I moved house and now currently planning my 2017 calendar after a much needed December rest.

Any new music coming up the pipeline soon? Always, at the minute I’m practicing with the band with three new songs I’ve written and translating some songs into Spanish. Now I am planning for the second single in the next couple of months to be Show the World track three of the E.P Show the World, but recorded in Spanish with a music video. Which is called Enseñale al Mundo.

What is your favourite thing about gigging in Brighton? Well my favorite thing is that there is so much opportunity of concerts and music all around. Rehearsals, concerts, promotion and organisation. All just a phone call away, or Facebook message haha. But I have worked hard to build this platform for myself after three years, I used to find it a lot harder.

Do you have any plans or aspirations to gig outside of Brighton this year?

Yes and outside of England hopefully to! I am in process of signing a deal with this label in London that will help me record and promote my music in Spain and here in England. As for gigs I’m in talks with some promoters in different parts of England. But I don’t want to say to much until everything is confirmed. All information will be posted on my music page within the next month.

How did the release of your debut E.P go?

Incredible, possibly one of the proudest moments in my life. The band played amazing as they always do: Kieran Matthews, Taran Pring, Jet Luckhurst and Erwin. I don’t think anyone still knows Erwins surname. Looking back now, it will always be in a way the most important gig of my life.

Ten months is a long time do you feel that your writing has changed significantly since the E.P ‘Show The World’ came out?

Good question, I think because I’m playing more with a band than as a solo act, I tend to write songs that I think fit well with a group dynamic with some more anthemic choruses. At least that’s what I intend in a way. And writing songs in Spanish is a whole different ball game, which I have never tried before.

Do you have any important gigs coming up soon? Yes,  I am headlining at The Hope and Ruin on Tuesday the 31st of January which I’m very excited about. I have support from Dove House who are great friends of mine and as soon as I knew I was headlining they were my first thought to call because they are amazingly talented, specially that Jacky P fella that sings for them. Circus Street that are a Indie/Pop band that have catchy choruses with beautiful harmonies. And Mile High City who are an up coming Indie band from Crawley, which their manager Kristian Lasham produced my E.P Show the World.

What are your main three goals for Sami James this year? Sign with this label in London. Play bigger concerts around England and possibly Spain. And keep writing and releasing songs that will hopefully resonate with people and make them think or smile.



Review of The Hope & Ruin Gig 

Where do we start? Sami James is back on the Brighton music scene, and when I say back I don’t mean back doing the same old acoustic sets in the same old pubs around Brighton. I mean this guy is plugged in and making his statement headlining in the top music bars and clubs around Brighton.

The magical thing about watching Sami play at The Hope and Ruin for me is the way I have watched his musicianship grow and improve over time. The arrangements of his songs amongst his band were strong and tightly strung together, his voice has become stronger and delivering with much more confidence. To say that we were proud to watch Sami James play is an understatement not just for Treble with the Bass but for everyone in the audience and most of all the man himself.

The new music along with the old are fresh and new, finally Sami James sounds like an artist he has forged himself an identity and people are finally starting to notice this artist emerge!



Thanks for reading, if you want to find out more about the amazing Sami James then follow the links below and keep yourselves updated with all Sami James news!

Sami James Facebook

Sami James ‘Show The World’ E.P

(Also available on iTunes and Spotify)



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