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Treble With The Bass: Project Light Acoustic Night


On Thursday 24th September our good friends at Project Light Agency, based here in Brighton put on an acoustic show at the Marwood Coffee shop on Ship Street. Founder Charlotte Gomes invited us here at Treble with the Bass to go along to their first showcase and my goodness they did not disappoint !

To kick off the show was the very lovely Midè whom played us a set which included four original tracks and two covers. One of which being a Micheal Jackson cover from the 2014  album Xscape, which made for a nice surprise rather then covering a hit that we have all heard covered a million times before!


There were two stand out original tracks for me, them being Wind Chimes and The Only Way Is Up of which I found myself humming along to long after the show had finished. Midés R&B and Soul influence definitely shined through and he won us over by his genuine character and passion for music.

To find out more about Midé then follow the links below: Midé Website Midé Facebook Midé Twitter Midé YouTube

Duo De La Rosé followed with a hypnotic set which had us all on the edge of our seats, vocalist Annie Rose Spayne sang with haunting vocals which added to the duo’s atmospheric sound and created a strong energy within the intimate settings of the room. Guitarist and backing vocalist Phil Jones played with complete concentration and implanted harmonies that completely complimented the songs.


To find out more about De La Rosé then follow the links below: De La Rosé Facebook De La Rosé Twitter

To conclude the night was  Jude Perl whose presence was mesmerising enough for me to completely lose track of her set as we were all completely in awe!  I can tell you that she played a great cover of Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity and soon enough did Jude Perl show us exactly the kind of person and artist that she is when she played a power ballad called Our Love which had us all in hysterics.


Jude Perl is in her element when she is playing live to a crowd of people, she knows how to work a crowd and her humour is a show of it’s own! I absolutely loved watching Jude play and I recommend that you see her play as soon as possible!

To find out more about Jude Perl then follow the links below: Jude Perl Website Jude Perl Facebook Jude Perl Twitter Jude Perl YouTube

Written By: Samantha McQueeney

Thank you to Project Light Agency for putting on a great night !



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