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Treble with the Bass: Natalie Gauci – ‘Back to Life’

Natalie Gauci is an Australian musician who has recently released her latest single ‘Back to Life’, an EDM/Pop song, remixed by platinum selling producer and DJ Thomas Godel. We have been lucky enough to have interviewed the amazing Natalie on her brand new release and more.

So, Natalie tell me about your history with music?

Well my musical career began at age 5 when I started dancing and acting in musical theatre. I always loved being on a stage. Music has always been my muse. Something I go to, to make me feel happy. It’s in my blood. I began writing music as therapy to release sad emotions and one day realised I had a skill to write. I started a band and that was it! We started getting booked for gigs. I was too shy to perform my original music and didn’t really build the courage until I was 25. That was the year I auditioned for Australian Idol. I went on to win the show and learnt a lot about myself. It was a very proud moment for me. I now have a platinum single and gold selling album and since then have success with music on the charts. My personal life became harder to hide once I got famous and I learnt how to build stronger foundations and understand that being an artist is really personal and learnt how to separate myself from my success so I could go on and have a family of my own, which has been a blessing. I have learnt that my life in music has been a roller-coaster ride full of big highs and lows. I have learnt that the meaning of success is to feel joyful in any experience and when it comes to music, to do it because I love it. Not for the fame or the fortune. I am a very down to earth person and I believe in servicing for our humanity and shining light through music to make ourselves and each other happy to come together as one. This is one of the greatest gifts in the world.

Who has influenced you musically?

Madonna was the first concert I ever went to, The Girly Show. When Madonna was raunchy and sexy! I was 12! I loved it. She started the concert by having a dancer slide down a pole. Back then , that was controversial. Then Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Gloria Estafan entered my life and I would listen on repeat, on my mum’s vinyl. I then started singing in Theatra and having vocal coaching. I learnt of Natalie Cole, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and became obsessed with learning their styles. I was also a bit of a rebel and loved going to dance parties. I went to raves as well as sing jazz. Then I went on to learn Opera. That was not for me. I knew I would have to live and breathe it, and I loved singing in pubs and clubs too much and writing my own music. I then started listening to local Melbourne bands and Australian Music like Tine Arena and Bachelor Girl. I also love world music and write meditations music and albums. Anything with a high vibration sound, I usually respond to naturally.

Using three words can you describe Natalie Gauci the artist?

Conscious, Loving .Expressive.

Tell me about your new track ‘Back to Life’…

This song was written a very long time ago. To me, it’s one that kept on coming back. I just knew it had to go on the album. I produced the album version and then put it out there. It must have resonated because soon after I met Thomas and we had a remix ready to release. The song was originally written and inspired by a movie called ‘Disturbia’ about a voyer staring into a girl’s apartment and watching her life. It made me so curious and had an affect on me, that he didn’t ever speak to her, it was weird. Now, look at social media, people are watching people everyday and it’s normal! The song is more relevant now than it was before. Thomas really brought the commercial pop elements to the mix and we have had some great success!

What was the process of this track? Were you involved in the writing?

When I produced and wrote this track, it really did take me on a journey. The original version is very Bollywood and reggae, totally not would you expect. The remix has given it a new life and sound with more commercial beats and melodies. Both have it’s purpose.

As an artist your style typically swayed towards Pop, is EDM a new direction that you are going to be exploring?

I’ve been collaborating with DJ’s for a few years now, experimenting with house, trible, dub step, you name it. It was only a matter of time until EDM and pop was introduced to me. I am a very versatile artist and can sing in most styles. I’d say vocally I am very soulful, which means you can add most beats to a soulful melody.

What does ‘Back to Life’ mean to you?

Well this is a great question, because I feel like I am coming back to life. Moving back to Australia and starting again and now I am becoming a mum, I am literally bringing life into the world. There are so many levels to this question because I went through a time where I lost myself and who I was. I changed my whole identity and lost the plot. It was great! I chose to relearn everything I had ever been taught and started to make my own decisions rather than what other’s were telling me to do. During this time I had a spiritual awakening and was coming back to life, back to who I was before I was famous. Reconnecting with my soul. I feel I am definitely back.

Does this track hint at us all hearing a bit more from you soon?

Yes absolutely. We have another track on the way very soon!

Can we expect to see you touring, gigging shortly?

Yes, once my baby is born in October, we will be touring and gigging and we are so excited!

If you were going to give a budding new musician some advice as they make their way into the music industry, what would you say?

I’d say do what feels right and learn how to listen to your intuition because then you can only be right and on the right path no matter even if it’s wrong. As the artist you have full control over your art and it’s important to follow what your intuition is guiding you to do. It’s different for everybody. What works for you may not work for someone else. In my experience, the artist is the leader and the team around the artist assists in the rise and success of the artist. Be the artist, don’t be the manager or the promoter, get others to help and build a team. A team that is aligned with your art and believes in it 100%. Don’t ever pay upfront for anything when it comes to record deals or managers, they need to pay you (then you pay them back or come to an agreement). Keep integrity. It’s about building a strong family and a strong brand over time. True success takes 10 years to build.

A huge thank you to Natalie Gouci for talking to us here at Treble with the Bass.

Listen to Natalie’s brand new track here now!

A catchy, melodic and interestingly layered track that can transport you from the office to the club in a matter of seconds. There is so much hidden within this track that you find something new with every beat, every bar and every play. It is a whirlwind of influence.

To find out more about Natalie Gouci, her latest releases and upcoming gigs please keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below:

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