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Treble with the Bass: Derelict Dream-In His Image E.P

Derelict Dream are a three piece Heavy Metal band based in Brighton/Worthing whom are taking the East Sussex Heavy Metal scene by storm. Derelict Dream are built upon the foundation of three talented individuals;  Lou Raven, Ant Mascia and Jordan “Jordz” Birchall with their passionate attention to detail and insanely genius riffs, there is no stopping these guys. Having taken great influence from the likes of Opeth, Gojira, Bloodbath, Beyond Creation and Devin Townsend these guys know their stuff and are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Bass Review

Derelict Dreams four track E.P In His Image is fiercely arranged around the most technical of riffs and drumming that strategically tangle their way into the listeners soul. Although each track holds their own in respect to the concept and composition, Vile Alter ultimately stands out as being the brightest star in the darkness. In His Image is both compelling, thrilling and haunting.

It is exciting to see such a young band hold their own and excel at perfecting their craft to compose such epically thoughtful tracks to entail so much technicality. I have witnessed a few line-ups to this band since 2014 but this one has to be the best so far! 2017 has been good to Derelict Dream but the 2018 could be so much better !

Treble Interview

Can you sum up Derelict Dream in three words? Lou: Heavy, Loud and Rumbly. Ant: We’re a band! Jordz: Heavy, Mysterious, Technical.

Introduce yourselves to the readers… Lou: I’m Lou the shouty one playing the guitar with too many strings. Ant: I’m Ant, I make your bowels vibrate with my fingers. (and occasionally my thumb! Ooh ah!) Jordz: Hi I’m Jordan and I play drums in Derelict Dream.

What is the E.P going to be called and is there a concept? Lou: Lyrically the concept for the E.P was written based around four individuals experiencing their own personal hell. Of course, there is your standard religious commentary which is obligatory. Ant: The E.P is called In His Image. From what I understand it is about the darkness inherent in positions of power. Be they religious, political or … something else? I don’t know, I’m a bassist. I speak in inaudible rumbles! Jordz: Our new E.P is going to be called In His Image.

What can listeners expect from the E.P? Lou: Riffs, anger and some catchy hooks. We try to keep relatively diverse with the way we write so there may be some surprises in there. Ant: Big riffs which are just a little weird, precision drumming and a lot of varieties of yelling. All sprinkled with moody atmospheric synths with lucky charms made of Ritalin or something. Jordz: Listeners can expect heavy technical music with polyrhythms eerie synths and mechanical rhythms similar to the likes of Opeth, Gojira, Meshuggah etc.

How did the writing process go for the E.P? Lou: The writing is for me one of the best things. Watching a song being pieced together from scratch is immensely satisfying. When we write I usually compose the main riffs and structure, then Jordz will add some of his insanity to the mix and Ant will add his and it will form into this living entity. It does have its challenges though, particularly when trying to raise the bar. There are so many options we want to try it is just sticking to an idea which can be the hardest. Ant: Lou is the head honcho on this. Jordz and I like to give it our own flavour. I do this by throwing tons of bass dives in the mix cos fuck me I love bass dives! Jordz: The writing process has been quite long and getting the songs to sound the best they could Lou would come up with the foundations for the songs and then me and Ant would put our own spin on the parts we play to make them more personal for us I went to Russ Plowman (Bleed Again Drummer) Home studio to record the drums for the E.P and got four songs down (Vile Altar, Talking With Demons, Hellish Blessing and Pig)

Where can readers expect to see you play in the next coming months? Lou: Many, many gigs. We are also putting together a new E.P so stay posted for that. Ant: We have a few shows coming up around Worthing and Burgess Hill in July including Hammerdown where Bleed Again will also be playing among plenty of other great bands. So that’s gonna be awesome! Jordz: In the next coming months we have some very exciting gigs coming up we open up Hammerdown Fest in Burgess Hill, we headline AESFest and then we have a couple gigs at our local venue Bar 42 in Worthing.

Can you tell us what your favourite track on the E.P is? Lou: I have to concur with the dudes. Vile is my favourite. It just has this tribal feel to it which really comes across live. Ant: Pretty sure we are all going with Vile Altar on this one. I think this song made us a tighter band when we had to step up to it. But now everything we write keeps getting harder and harder so maybe this isn’t a favourite song so much as musical Stockholm syndrome! Jordz: My favourite track on the E.P by a mile is Vile Altar, it’s a super fun one for me to play on drums and I live the breakdowns and Meshuggah esque rhythms.

Where can readers go to purchase the E.P? Lou: iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp all that lovely stuff or you can stream it on Spotify. Ant: It’s out all over the usual online channels and of course we will have physical copies at our shows along with t-shirts. So come on down and pick them up. That way we can afford nice things after our shows, like a can of Rio to go with our lamb donner! Jordz: So our E.P is available on a large variety of platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play and Amazon.

Are you going to be doing a tour in order to promote the E.P? Lou: I would absolutely love to do a tour at some point but for now we are just doing a run of shows and a couple of festivals where we will be promoting the living shizzle out of this E.P with namely the awesome Aesfes and Hammerdown. Ant: We don’t have one set up just yet but we all really want to! Fingers crossed eh! Optimism is the foundation of metal right?…right?… Jordz: At the moment there is no tour set up but I would love to do one all around Sussex and just promote the hell out of this new E.P that we have all worked so hard to create.

Are there any music videos or other exciting things for Derelict Dream coming up? Lou: Hahaha yes. We are planning some exciting things for music videos. We have a few storyboards which we’re messing around so keep an eye out for that! Ant: We’ve been talking about getting a video out and some ideas are being batted around.

Watch this space I guess *Insert witty closing statement* Jordz: At the moment we have been discussing ideas for a music video for Talking With Demons which we are currently in the process of creating a storyboard for.

To find out more about Derelict Dream and their upcoming gigs and releases then please do follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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