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Treble Review: Zima 'Memories' Single

New artist, producer and DJ on the block, Zima is emerging onto the scene with a bang with his brand new single Memories. Originating from Basel, Switzerland the talented Zima was able to work on his craft and explore music having been greatly inspired by the legendary Avicii.

Memories is a whirlwind of influence at every turn, predominately set upon the foundations of house influence intertwined into this melodic, synth driven piece of work that gives you that weird warm feeling of positivity and a rush of adrenaline that makes you want to strut straight onto the nearest dance floor. It takes pure talent to create something so captivating and well mixed and produced. It grabs attention and it makes you wonder where will Zima go next?

Zima is motivated by music, and his dream of breaking through into the light of being the next big thing. But just like Avicii there will only ever be one and I think that will equally stand for Zima as well. There will only ever be one Zima.

Listen to Memories now:

If you would like to find out more about Zima, his upcoming releases, gigs and news then please follow the links below:

Zima Spotify

Zima Instagram

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