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Treble Review: Zach James Douglas 'Even As The Knife Went Through' Single

Hailing from Dublin, the new up and coming producer and songwriter to keep an eye out for Zach James Douglas recently released his brilliant new single Even As The Knife Went Through featuring the vocals of Saoirse.

Zach James Douglas explains that the track; "explores the scarred mental state of someone who’s been hurt by a previous partner. It details the intimacy and trust issues that a person develops within future relationships and how despite being the target of such abuse, they still tend to carry a sense of guilt and a deeply hard wired love for their ex partner.".

First listen you get a slight reminiscent sense of something composed by Jon Bellion, what you don't expect is the softness that Saoirse's vocals provide throughout. Additionally another power move by Zach James Douglas was his decision to decide on his vocalist with lyrics this intimate, you'd tend to expect something more desperate vocally for a topic this emotional, but it was refreshing to hear an almost a tired acceptance in Saoirse's tone and delivery, that in fact felt more relatable and listenable had he chosen to use a vocalist with more of a powerhouse vocal range.

This track is just the start for this young artist and it will be extremely exciting to see where he goes next with his music.

To find out more about Zach James Douglas his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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