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Treble Review: Taylor Barker ‘Live and Lyrical’ Performance

Over my passed few months at BIMM, I’ve had both the honour and pleasure to see some of the finest up and coming musicians. What’s more, I have been lucky enough to work with them, experiencing their talent first hand and the processes they go through in order to give birth to their masterpieces. A few months ago I had the opportunity to see Miss Taylor Barker audition an original song. She was far from perfect but there was something about her overall stage presence that you couldn’t help but find charismatic. It was evident that this girl had a vast amount of potential. So I am now happy to announce that she has now completed her debut performance at the Old Market, for BIMM’s end of term Live and Lyrical gig.

Opening a gig like this has enough pressures of it’s own, but it was evident straightaway that this didn’t falter her. Again not saying she is perfect, there is plenty of work that needs to be done, and she still has a long way to go but this is definitely a stepping-stone that needed to be taken. Personally, I found her to be a good choice for an opening act, as her song “Calm” acted somewhat like the calm before the storm, no pun intended! The type of song with an unmistakeable groove that eases an audience appropriately into a night of insanity. Her presence seemed genuine, neither forced nor false, something that can only be described as the aura of a singer-songwriter being emitted. However, being a lyricist myself, it was the lyrics of the song that really struck me, she used clever and effective methods to put across a universal theme so eloquently and intriguing way. What’s more the song was simple, it didn’t have unnecessary components, and the components that were evident worked as a unit, something that is a must if you want to be a decent performer in today’s society. It was obvious from where I was standing that people were captivated by Taylor’s performance.

I can see this girl going far, and I’m honestly excited to see where she ends up.

Listen to calm now ! – Calm

Written by: Guest Blogger-Rebel Yell

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