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Treble Review: Sin Kapríce – ‘Happy Shoes’ Single


Hello there my pretties, remember me? I took over one of the posts about two months ago? Featured on a little review about Taylor Barker’s performance at Live & Lyrical. Well I’m back baby. Back by popular demand…well Treble asked for a little favour and this was it…same difference! Let’s get down to business shall we m’dears? So TWTB sent me over this little link, me being me I let curiosity get the better half and was rewarded with the particularly provocative piece “Happy Shoes” by a duo called Sin Kapríce. Want to hear my thoughts on it? Of course you do.

Now Sin Kapríce doesn’t waste any time, with a harmony immediately joining the piano after a single chord. The thing to be noted here is how closely knit these harmonies are, have a listen, you can’t fault the crisp, technical excellence that went into that decision. What’s more, this acts as a perfect foundation for the rest of the song to build upon. As I said before, Kapríce illustrates their professionalism as songwriters as they follow specific criteria that is guaranteed them success in today’s thriving industry, as within twenty seconds the first verse is well on its way. They use an idea of a gradual build, starting with single piano chords with the first vocalist, however about half way through the verse a defined rhyme is introduced, providing the piece with a much stronger backbone to develop on. So far the song is extremely minimalistic, a component that will remain for the songs entirety, but it works. Not many artists can create such intriguing music without making things over complicated. I’m happy to say that this is not the case at all. However, there isn’t much variation in the chorus, except the reintroduction of the close harmonies. This has a habit of making the piece sound very repetitive, which can be too much on the ears at some points, yet overall acts as a more mesmerising element rather than boredom provoker. Strings are incorporated in the outro’s double chorus, providing another sophisticated layer to “Happy Shoes”.

It’s safe to say that the vocals are the most pivotal element in the track, with a heavy reliance of them to carry the accompaniment rather than the typical other way round. A unique factor for them is the fact both sing, both with contrasting techniques that melt together in a satisfying array. The female vocalist has a somewhat haunting voice, so soft and captivating like a siren leading sailors to their graves. Something wonderfully poetic about her approach to her vocal delivery, something I want to hear a lot more of rather than continuing as a harmonic device. Both vocal lines are rich in expression, the first being far sadder compared to the second which seems far more urgent. The power of the second vocalist is exactly what the song needed to carry it forward further. To further add to this, the lyrical lines themselves are as strong as the vocalists themselves, particularly the hook line of “I hold myself hostage, my heart’s in half and it’s brittle” is something that really resonated inside for some strange reason. Key thing to be noted is the simplicity behind the piece as a whole, yet how captivating and emotive it is.

All in all Sin Kapríce definitely has potential. I can see them acquiring a dedicated little fan base that will push them above and beyond. For some reason they remind me a little bit of small town boy James Bay…anyone else hear that? No? Just me? Okay, moving swiftly on. It goes to show it’s all about people you know and talent rather than money, as this song was put together on a relatively low budget, yet the professional standards cannot be faulted. It is a rich and compelling song, that can be a little too repetitive at times, but the ambiance it insinuates is beautifully uncanny.

That’s it from me, unpleasant dreams my lovelies. Sin Kapríce-Happy Shoes

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To find out more about Sin Kapríce then follow the links below: Sin Kapríce-Facebook Sin Kapríce-Twitter Sin Kapríce-Instagram


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