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Treble Review: Ryan Lunn 'Embers' Single

Born and raised in the Niagara Region, Ryan Lunn is a multi-award winning Singer Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist, Musician and a working Actor and Model. With a recent release of his single Embers, his grit and determination speak volumes.

Embers is a predominantly acoustic track that tends to appear relatively linear on the surface with its laid back and withheld instrumentation. Breaking the mould by adding depth and distance within drum sections where you'd expect a buildup and breakthrough the track remains withheld and simple. Interestingly this seemingly simple this track shows off Ryan Lunn's controlled musicianship and ability to give his audience what they know and something they don't expect.

If you would like to find out more about Ryan Lunn his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

Ryan Lunn Website

Ryan Lunn Facebook

Ryan Lunn Instagram

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