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Treble Review: Rooted Latest Music Bar

Sunday 16thAugust, Rooted played a set to listeners at Latest Music Bar in Brighton. The thing about Rooted is they are always playing with evident passion, conviction and are always very well rehearsed and musically immaculate. And Sunday was no different!

The set was kicked off with ‘Robot’, which is track one from their E.P. ‘The Roots’ thus being the perfect opener for their set, as it demands an audience to finish getting the drinks in and find their places in the room whilst the band rapidly gains confidence thus becoming more comfortable on the stage and therefore winning over their audience relatively quickly.

The set-list was a well thought-out seven track array of songs both from their E.P ‘The Roots’ and three cleverly injected new tracks; Knees, Whiskey and Vultures. Which thus gave their audience a vast variety of their musical ability. Now let me tell you “musically immaculate” is a term I use to describe their arrangement and playing ability, yet no show especially pub gigs around Brighton can go ahead without a few hiccups or teething issues, but it is how you deal with these issues that shows how professional you are, and Rooted dealt with a couple little laughable mistakes with professionalism and humour.

The audience were equally as engaged as I was; giving each other the odd nod and smiles here and there, plus some were even getting their phones out to record the experience. On stage Rooted were always communicating with one another and their energy was charming to watch, they can however tend to be a little stiff on stage yet Beth is very good at physically showing an emotion in certain parts of the song to add emphasis on the meaning of it which increases an audiences engagement with the show.

I throughly enjoyed watching their set and I am sure that you would to, therefore if you ever find yourselves in Brighton then I would recommend you seeing a Rooted gig. To find out more about Rooted then please follow the links below:

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