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Treble Review: Ramonas - First World Problems Album

The Ramonas are typically known for their tribute act to none other than the great punk group The Ramones. The ideals of Punk have never been so relevant since the glory days, with the world around us all in a whirlwind of change and an open door to social, cultural and political commentary.

The Ramonas debut original release is a whole new step for the band and puts their musicianship and songwriting capabilities to the ultimate test. A challenge no doubt has been taken on through the blood, sweat and tears of all four members at one point or another throughout this process. Fronted by Lisa Lathwell (Vocals), Maxine Cahill (Guitar), Victoria Smith (Bass) and Camille Phillips (Drums) this band is at the forefront of great music and a fantastic night out for all.

The fourteen track album First World Problems embodies the originality of the Ramona’s own take of the world whilst still retaining that definite Ramone influence they have embodied for so long.  It is difficult to pin-point a favourite track when they all capture such vivid and different narratives but for now the one stand out track for me has to be The Daily Fail due to its unapologetic wit at calling out the media (well specifically one source).

This is definitely an album The Ramonas should be proud of and for any Punk fans out there it is a definite one for the list. The album with all it’s grit and edge is everything Punk stands for.

To find out more about The Ramonas, upcoming gigs and other news then please use the links below and keep yourselves informed:

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