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Treble Review: Rainmen-Original Sin Album

Taking great influence from the likes of Marmozets, Mr Bungle, Frank Carter and Butthole Surfers. RainMen have sculpted their sound through the whirlwind of influence of Punk and experimental Metal to form their own distinct Alternative sound.

RainMen are a Punk band hailing from Brighton since early 2016 whom are currently formed by Jed Downey (Vocals,Guitar), Roberto Neri (Guitar), Dan Pearse (Bass) and Alex Tana (Drums). Having recently completed the recording of their debut Album Original Sin in their friends shed in Horley which is set to be released on Friday 13th April 2018 you can imagine the rawness of truth that has been captured in each studio session that they have had.

Information to their album launch show below:

Original Sin is a DIY concept album that has been inspired by the recent social and political issues more specifically focused around the effects of severe anxiety, and contemplating with dissociating from humanity and becoming more machine like as a way of coping with certain trauma.

Now I love concept albums as I find them so interesting and insightful into a world where people are so immersed in their technology that they forget about the world around them. Arrangement wise RainMen definitely draw on their Metal influence where heavy bass is concerned with the addition to being gritty and thick with instrumentation. Vocally unexpected the tones but in all honesty I loved the combo, it was refreshing to hear Jed Downey’s tone. A really compelling album and I am excited for where time is going to take these lads.

To find out more about RainMen their upcoming gigs, news and releases then please follow the link below and keep yourselves informed:

RainMen Facebook


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