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Treble Review: Paul Turner ‘More than the Moon’ Single

We all need a track that makes you believe that the love that you consider to be non-existent is actually out there somewhere waiting for you and it is with songs like this that make you feel hope. Paul Turner knows how to make music that is destined to be live immortalised in romantic movies. More than the Moon in all its simplicity is structured in a way that every movement and vocal speak volumes. Simple acoustic guitar with added vocals keep the track sweet, later adding the nice touch of drums to give the track and added essence of drive.

Paul Turner is a Brisbane-born singer, songwriter and guitarist who has become a master of the art of storytelling through his music, and it really shows. Reminiscent in a variety of departments to the work of Bob Dylan, James Blunt and Jason Mraz. However, the great thing about Paul is that he very much hold his own to a degree where he is completely unique in his ability to draw listeners straight into his own world and flip it so that they can draw correlations within their own.

To find out more about Paul Turner his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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