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Treble with the Bass: Partisan - Juggernaut Single

Partisan - Eagle Inn Shoot-7

Introducing three piece rock band hailing from Manchester, Partisan. Their brand new single Juggernaut is set to be released on 29th July 2016 and we have been able to review the single and have a small interview with the band.

Juggernaut Single Review 

Partisans new single Juggernaut grasps the energy and drive needed to succeed in writing the perfect Rock track. Strongly guitar driven the arrangement itself boasts great areas of space and movement, whilst still retaining its solid stance and decorum as a Rock piece. Undeniably the drums retain a steady pulse which definitely is the heartbeat that keeps the track moving and alive.

The vocals are unquestionably as passionate and thoughtful as the rest of the composition they work together to completely drive the song throughout, of which the harmonies undoubtedly add to the magic that the track gives the listeners ear. The bridge chorus area of the song where the vocal effect is used gives the track added substance and edge

Juggernaut is a powerful single to set the Partisan trio on a steady path for what is next for them. Through this single they have successfully shown their passion for the music they love and create.

Partisan Interview

Tell us about the band…

Well…we are a three piece Rock band from Manchester and formed 2013. We have all been strongly influenced by a number of bands and genres and we hope that comes through in the music we make. Bands such as; Nirvana, Queen, Pearl Jam, The Doors and all in between!

Because of that we have been able to take a number of influences and in our minds created our own sound. It’s solid, melodic rock that we hope gets peoples feet tapping!

We all gel really well that is so important, especially when we gig so much. Although we work really hard, we have great fun along the way, which helps when sat in a van for 5 hours!

Introduce us to you guys, who plays what?

Stuart Armstrong – Lead singer and guitarist

Dan Alban – Bassist

Rob Jones – Drums

The new single ‘Juggernaut’ is set to be released on 29th July, tell us about the single… It is a melodic and driving rock anthem that describes how far people will go to get where they want to be.

What was the writing and recording process like with the single? The song was written a while back and this one came quite easily. We had great fun recording as we were fortunate to work with a renowned producer, Mike Bennett who has worked with brilliant bands such as The Damned, The Specials and Ian Brown. His creativity is immense which encouraged us to push ourselves. Out next single was also done with Mike and it has a different feel to it. Its good to keep pushing your own limits and sounds.

Will this evolve into an E.P. or Album release? We are going to be working on an album this autumn, when we are back from the US and will be released in 2017, so yes Juggernaut is part of that.

Do you gig often? Its been a really busy year so far we love to gig as much as possible, up and down the country, although even though we have some great UK gigs, such as Standon Calling Festival over the summer, we are excitedly getting ready for our US trip. We are playing great venues such as Pianos in New York and Whiskyagogo in LA.

29th July     Standon Calling, Hertfordshire

31st July     St Anne’s Festival, Lytham

12th Aug     Koh Tao, Fallowfield, Manchester

18th Sept   Musicians Against Homelessness, Manchester

24th Sept   Pianos, New York

1st Oct       Whiskyagogo, Los Angeles What are your hopes and goals as a band for the next 6 months?

Over the next 6 month, we want to gig as much as we can, keep recording, get the album done, wow the US and start seeing the fruits of our labour. We love what we do and hope our fans love it too!

To find out more about Partisan keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below:

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