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Treble Review: Parker Sounds ‘Something Heavy’ Single

Having found ourselves with quite a bit of extra time on our hands, many of us have used this time to discover music, whether that be new or old the limits are endless. Maybe many of you have found yourselves listening to music that you wouldn’t usually listen to or rediscovering those old classics, but regardless music has the tendency to make you feel less alone and connected to others whilst physically being further apart then you’d usually be.

Gold Coast singer-songwriter Parker Sounds has the kind of voice that you feel you’ve known for years, influenced by like likes of Jack Johnson, Pete Murray and Perl Jam you can feel certain that you are in very safe hands. Parker has a voice that will captivate you, hooks that wrap themselves around you and never let you go and lyrics that make you think a little harder about the possible meanings surrounding the track then Parker’s new single Something Heavy is a shining example of this which is equally due to the track being brilliantly produced by the talented Gold Coast producer Josh Beattie.

Parker has explained that Something Heavy was inspired by a girl…which we all know is not unique by any means stating that “I was super hung up on this girl who couldn’t figure out whether she wanted to go steady with me or not. I wrote the song to try and communicate what I was feeling and sung it to her over the phone. She didn’t like it and we ended up calling it quits that afternoon”. Songwriting has an interesting habit of using ones experiences with life whether good, bad or down right ugly and twists them into vulnerable eternal pieces of art. The fact that Parker is so willing to share a negative experience with his audience speaks wonders to his undeniable songwriting and artistry.

To find out more about Parker Sounds, his upcoming releases, gigs and news then please keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below:

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