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Treble Review: Odillia X Snoop Dogg 'Break It Down' Single

Introducing the incredible Odillia, born and raised in the Netherlands she soon followed her destiny to pursue a career in music at just 16 years old and has never looked back. With every opportunity thrown towards Odillia she has managed to turn it into something special.

Not only is Odillia a great vocal talent, she has also expressed that she writes her own songs, elaborating that "they are all based on things I have personally experienced or the experiences of people in my life." It is great that Odillia can claim ownership on her music totally and highlights her abilities as an artist.

Odillia's latest single sees her team up with none other than the Doggfather himself Snoop Dogg on latest track Break It Down, which was written by Odillia. The concept explores the ups and downs of a relationship with one partner in need of clarification on where things stand, a track that undoubtedly most will be able to relate to. The track as a whole is pretty laid back driven by a funky rhythmic R&B beat with a catchy chorus and hook complimented of course the classic Snoop input of laying down his input and verse with ease and elegance. Odillia equally as elegant and prominent on the track with a great vocal ability and tone within the track a mix very much so complimenting each dynamic that the track has to offer.

To find out more about Odillia her upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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Odillia YouTube

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