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Treble Review: Oceans-Skin Single

Photography Credit: Jennifer Sanson

If you haven’t been formally introduced to this amazing Brighton and London based band then allow me to introduce you to Oceans, the best post-hardcore band on the block is formed by five talented individuals; Tom Hollands and Conor Hyde on Guitar, Jack Warren on Bass, James Gillingham on Drums and Zach Silver on Vocals. Drawing their influence from the likes of Incubus, At the Drive In, Don Broco, Underoath and Black Peaks.

Oceans are a talented band and group of artists whom draw their inspiration from the places that other bands are simply too hesitant to go. Their brand new single Skin is a reflection of living day to day with an atopic skin condition, and the self-confidence issues it can cause.

This track in all its unapologetic honesty and graceful execution is just another brilliant piece of the magnificent puzzle for Oceans to reveal their upcoming release of their EP Far From Composure which will be released on Tuesday 13th March. Who is excited? BECAUSE I AM !

On my first listen through of this track the melodic tones create an alluring and almost haunting atmosphere, the track then kicks off in true Oceans style with catchy and cutting riffs fuelled by complete and utter energy. If this track is anything to go by alone then you can see that this band is heading for great and exciting things.

Far From Composure EP Launch Party: 13th March at The Hope & Ruin Brighton

To find out more about Oceans follow the links below to keep yourselves informed on upcoming gigs, releases and tours: Oceans Facebook Oceans Twitter Oceans Bandcamp Oceans Instagram Oceans YouTube Oceans SoundCloud


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