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Treble Review: Oceans-Dopamine Single

Photo Credit: JC Riot

I will give you a few reasons why Oceans will always have a place here on Treble with the Bass and one of those bands that are top of my list and held within my own heart. The first being their talent of which proves to improve and excel over time, with these guys you never feel their music is the same which ultimately makes the next single a little unpredictable but never the less they never disappoint. Second being their unapologetic swagger throughout the hustle and bustle of tour and gig life, they always come out on to the stage ready to conquer. And lastly their ability in the midst of an uphill climb which has a whole bunch of wins and a whole bunch of loses in this game, but they always retain their grace and come out shining.

Photo Credit: Jessica Piochon

Their latest single Dopamine is no exception to the Oceans rule of thumb it is yet another banger. With the post-hardcore band formed by Tom Hollands and Conor Hyde on Guitar, Jack Warren on Bass, James Gillingham on Drums and Zach Silver on Vocals.  This track lets off those hauntingly trippy vibes, the vivid groove that the guitar and bass work to create hold the listener captive within those distorted dreams created. Oceans are distinctive in their ability to create tracks that sound like their own and Zach Silvers smooth and strong vocal ability is that cherry on top. We here at Treble with the Bass are excited to find out what is next for these guys!

To find out more about Oceans follow the links below to keep yourselves informed on upcoming gigs, releases and tours: Oceans Facebook Oceans Twitter Oceans Bandcamp Oceans Instagram Oceans YouTube Oceans SoundCloud

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