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Treble Review: No Feathers-FRD BOI Single

Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Everything Everything, Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem there is no surprise then that this band whom identify themselves as ‘poptimists’ have carved their own unique sound. No Feathers are a four piece Alternative Pop band currently based in Reading, comprised of Michelle Jardim (Synth, Vocals), Tom Clarke (Guitar), Jamie Larbalestier (Bass) and Abi Gallichan (Drums).

With the release of their debut single FRD BOI (Pronounced: Freddy Boy) which will be released across all major platforms on 4th April 2018 this track combines their distinct aesthetic with an irreverent take on the Millennial identity, corporate culture and paranoia in the Twenty-First Century. The tracks poignant and witty edge in all honesty sets the tone for No Feathers and their captivating use of arrangement and songwriting this song is everything they stand for and what we will come to expect from them in the future. I am exited to see what comes next from No Feathers but for now they have a very strong hand to play. Their single FRD BOI is set to be launched on Wednesday (4th April) at The Hope & Ruin Brighton. So get ready Brighton there is a new band in town !

To find out more about No Feathers and their upcoming releases gigs and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

No Feathers Facebook No Feathers Twitter No Feathers Instagram


Treble with the Bass Facebook

Treble with the Bass Twitter

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