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Treble Review: Liza Marie ‘Live And Lyrical’ Perfomance

Liza Marie has been on my musical radar for the best part of two years now, as an artist she has grown in both confidence and her material, which has always evoked thought for me.

I have seen Liza Marie perform a few of her songs before tonight, but her performance of ‘Not Think For A While’ gave me chills. As an artist that is always used to having a guitar in front of her, it was nice to see the guitar being handed over and Liza as a performer growing before our eyes. Through taking herself out of her comfort zone she immediately expresses her desire to grow not only has an artist but also a performer. It is evident this was an appropriate choice for this particular song as it allowed her to move more freely on stage, and allowed herself to get lost in her own song.

Liza Marie has a uniqueness to her voice that separates her from many other artists; which made a refreshing change in the set list of the event. Multiple artists both before and following Liza Marie were outstanding, but her particular performance branded my mind in a particular way. Not only did she deliver a great performance vocally but it was evident that she grew in confidence throughout the song. Something that immediately put any unsure audience members at ease, resulting in a remarkable performance and audience gratification.

The audience was transfixed by both Liza Marie’s performance and that of her band, the backing vocals were implanted in all the right places, which enhanced the effectiveness of the song. There was a lot of natural interaction between the band mates, particularly Liza Marie herself and her backing vocalist. Small touches like these are what the audience hone in on.

I have seen great development in Liza Marie as an artist and performer, and I can safely say that I am more than excited to witness her next project.

To listen to ‘Not Think For A While’ click on the link: Not Think For A While

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Written By: Samantha McQueeney

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