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Treble Review: Lee Cole 'Cold' Single Review

Hailing from Johannesburg, Lee Cole has hit us with yet another banger with his latest single Cold. Following suit from the success of his string of hit singles, I Don't Wanna Wait, Pink Dragons and Emotional, Lee has managed to sustain his streak of hits.

Listen to Cold now:

The track initially draws you in with vocal harmonies, soon joined solely by Lee's vocals and piano, shortly complemented by a backing vocal emphasising the lines "maybe I'm afraid to love, scared to fall and scared to rush, so I keep running circles in my mind" a poignant statement that is given the moment and space to shine through.

The orchestral parts that kick in shortly after really takes the track to a whole new level, without it the track would be in danger of losing its momentum and soul. Lee who also produced the track said; “the production of the single started off with the idea of creating something very ghastly and haunting. As I produced the song, I slowly began to play with the idea of creating one big resolution within the song and I thought a string section could best bring that to life. The end string section has 12 different string parts all coming together in the end creating that resolution while still keeping the song haunting and ghastly.”. I find many artists today are scared to experiment with orchestral sections but when used correctly, they can really make the difference between a hit song and a mediocre track.

Lee says that; “‘Cold’ was a song I wrote while in the USA in 2019. I was there for 3 months and was at quite a low in my life. ‘Cold’ represents change to me. It’s about admitting that maybe you don’t know how to love and that the person you’re trying to love is better off without you. Its bittersweet because on one hand you don’t want to feel lonely; you crave that companionship, but on the other hand you keep hurting the people closest to you because you’re scared to love.” Cold brings life to the universal issue that we all can relate to that maybe some things such as love doesn't always happen the way you want or plan them to, but other things can happen instead that you were not quite accounting for but are still necessary.

Check out the video for Cold now:





TikTok: @leecolemusic

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