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Treble Review: Kats Head - Guilt Is Golden Single

It has been four months since we first mentioned our next guest on Treble with the Bass and finally here she is on her very own article to show us her very own single. Kats Head is a singer-songwriter, rapper and poet whom with the power of her words will take over the world…no doubt about it!

Kats Head new single Guilt Is Golden addresses the concept of how easily gossip and social media can take control of our lives. The track opens up with a bold statement that “there is guilt in our bodies from the moment we are born” which intrigues the listener into where the song is going next. The tracks arrangement becomes this colourful array of synths and in true Kats Head style the arrangement is merged with a rap which is delivered perfectly and compliments the track completely; “everybody knows everybody’s business, business is everybody and everybody itches to get out of the he said she said chat”. This track makes us very excited for what is next for Kat because this is only the beginning!

Link to Guilt is Golden at the bottom of the page !


Tell us about your new track Guilt Is Golden, what inspired it?

My track was initially inspired by earwigging a bit of gossip on the bus!

A couple were talking and scrolling through their Facebooks. They were talking about their mates, and sort of sounded guilty about it, but almost as if they couldn’t stop themselves. Overhearing them so openly judge their friends was unsettling; and it made me wander… Given the role social media now plays in our lives, how many similar conversations like this happen? This is when I thought of the line; ‘everybody know’s everybody’s business-business is everybody and everybody itches, to get out of the he said she said chat’.

The song then started to evolve into an exploration of peoples relationship with guilt and gossip, and how our culture and corporations now thrive on it, but we unfortunately suffer from its effects. Gavin Dodd from Pandaux did excellently at setting the tone for this in his production of the track- he is a really creative producer and his instrumentation really brought the idea to life.

You also have a music video for Guilt Is Golden, how did that process go?

Yes! I do indeed,  it was an exhilarating and very special experience!

I worked with a really clever and lovely team from Ravensbourne film school and we turned it around quite quickly. I was lucky I had such a great film producer, as when I started I had only dreamed up a few sketches in a note pad. Visually I knew that I wanted it to explore femininity, and visualised the dancers in suits from the start and me rapping over a tea cup. I thought these visual qualities would be nice juxtapositions to the sound of the track. Tara Trangmar, a creative producer, who works at That’s Awesome Films’ was super at helping me get the elements together and I highly recommend her for anybody whose looking to create a music video!

There is a great amount of detail that you can gain from shooting a music video for a track, were there any finer details that you were able to capture by shooting the video?

Yes I agree!

I really enjoyed capturing ‘guilt’ on camera. Demi Menash, the dancer who choreographed the dance, dressed in the golden suit was, in my mind, a representation of guilt. The narrative of the dance was to convey the idea that even though guilt can hurt, it can be alluring and so easy to get lost in. The two of them were wonderful to work with. I think they really embodied the idea beautifully with the combination of Caitlin Taylor’s vivacious hip hop style and Demi’s imaginative choreography. Seeing the routine to the rap for the first time was like seeing an animation of my words right in front of me! I also got a chance to step back and direct more when it came to their bit, which was really good fun.

To find out more about Kats Head, upcoming gigs and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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