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Treble Review: Karamilk 'Swimming Pool' Single

Presently residing in the Gold-Coast, artist Erin Foster also known as Karamilk has been on the scene for little over a year after the release of her debut single Gone. After a jam packed year of festivals and numerous radio plays including on the renowned Triple J, Karamilk has returned with her brand new single Swimming Pool which features Sydney artist Sam Parker.

This track was not an easy process for Erin to write as she explains; "To be honest, this is a tortured track. I've had a love/hate relationship with this song for years. I originally built a demo called "Close Enough" back in 2015 and struggled through more than five different versions with various different producers. Recently the track was picked up by a major label and I found myself back in the studio in Brisbane recording yet another version. I came away realising that I was not being true to myself or true to my sounds. Against the advice of so called industry experts, I re-wrote the entire track in a single session at home. A change of key. New instrumentation. A new title. 100% my production and musicianship," It really shatters the illusion for so many people whom assume that songwriters always end up with perfect songs on the first try, it is refreshing to hear that this was not the case for Erin.

Karamilk draws her influence from the likes of music legend Dido which becomes relatively evident when the layers of this track breathe out. Synth create an atmospheric and also futuristic setting for this track straight away with guitar and vocals starting shortly after. Karamilk's vocals take a dominant role within the mix which is soon joined and complimented by the vocals of Sam Parker accompanied by a drumbeat. As each element of this track emerges the track really builds and develops from from a very simplistic Indie Pop track to an array of Pop/Indie/Electronic fusion. Over all this track vibes and twists at every turn despite being so simply structured lyrically. This is an exciting step for this new and rapidly emerging young artist, we can't wait to hear more.

Listen to Swimming Pool now:

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