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Treble Review: Kalan - 'New World' EP

Having been greatly inspired by the likes of musical talents such as Logic and Drake Wordsmith, Recording Artist and Dancer Kalan is breaking his way out of Toronto, Canada and in to the big wide world with his EP New World.

The five track EP explores themes such as resilience, dedication and determination. Kalan expressed that "I want people who hear my songs to relate to what I feel and what I’ve gone through and realise that other people go through the same things. I want them to get energy from my music and understand that it’s okay speak your mind and stand up for yourself,”.

The New World EP as a whole is a strong start for the budding artist who holds his own in each track with strong hooks and confident delivery of each verse. Kalan's grace and personality glowing throughout, it will be quite exiting to see exactly where this road leads for Kalan.

Any negativity that comes his way only fuels his determination to progress creatively and personally. Put bluntly, moving forward and making short work of any obstacles in his path, as an artist and an individual, is Kalan’s signature move.

Watch the Can't Tell Me Official Video Now!

Listen to the New World EP now!

To find out more about Kalan his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below:

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