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Treble Review: Julie Ludgate – ‘Fighter’

Hailing from Basingstoke (England) Julie Ludgate has had quite the journey, from performing as a child alongside the legend that is producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin) her burning desire to create and perform has never quite subsided.

Having been inspired musically by the likes of Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan, Kelly Clarkson, Sia and Pink, there is no wonder that Julie been a finalist in numerous international songwriting competitions, of one which resulting in Julie landing a role on Showbiz TV’s Tin Pan AlleyHaving been inspired by so many incredible songwriters and performers there is no wonder that Julie has crafted such a strong debut album titled Breaking Barriers with my own personal favourites including Should’ve Known Better, Echoes in the Dark, A sign and Fighter.

Fighter is a poignant track and the newest single to drop from the album and one of the most important songs to drop from any album recently. With a significant and incredibly important narrative this song will strike chords for numerous reasons with every listener. Julie has expressed that Fighter was written from her personal first-hand experiences of bullying and her battle with overcoming the doubt and insecurities that she had endured because of it.

“I hope people listening to it will feel empowered by the song, and that they will find strength through the lyrics if they’ve had experiences of a similar nature” Julie Ludgate

Julies ability to provoke emotion vocally with the opening line “sticks and stones but your words won’t cut me anymore” after a heavy piano and soft string introduction is haunting, something that will raise the hairs on your arms. When the drums kick in, it is a beat that pulses through and demands you to feel it, much like the messages presented within the track. I commend Julie’s ability to write so openly, the magic of music is that above all else, it is yours. What do you mean by that? I hear you say…whether you listen to it or you make it, you find yourself in it, you feel everything, you heal and you share a universal connection, we’ve all shared this feeling and songs like this really do make you feel less alone in that.

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