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Treble Review: Jordan Freewood 'Tausendmal Du' Single

The German newcomer Jordan Freewood grew up in a very musical family under the name Jordan Freiwald. The mother, a successful singer, and the father, a well-known guitar player, passed their talent on to Jordan. Under the strong influence of his mother, Jordan came into contact with soul, funk, blues and pop music at a very early age and shaped his childhood and musical development, in particular through bands such as The Gap Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Kool and the Gang, Prince, Michael Jackson or the SOS Band.

The musical environment influenced Jordan Freewood so much that a career as a singer was inevitable. Totally motivated, Jordan uses every opportunity to present his singing to the audience, whether at family celebrations or parties. Jordan's dream has always been to write, produce, and release his own music, to live rock n roll

Jordan loves the songs of artists like Craig David, Michael Jackson and Usher and uses every moment to perfect his voice. In order to create synergies, it was time to find a producer who would realize his dream and write, produce and market his music professionally.

Jordan Freewood and his producer Steve Erinle have decided to try out new songs in German after 7 single releases in English. The first step on this path is a cover of the single release of the German group Münchener Freiheit hit single Tausendmal Du feat Liliana.

An impressive piece that gives an 80s Classic a new life in 2020 with a great twist that Liliana equally contributes to with her artistic flare and complimented by Jordan’s impressive vocal ability.

If you want to find out more about Jordan, his upcoming releases, gigs and news then please follow the links below:

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