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Treble Review: Jonny Starkes 'These Four Walls' Single

First introduced to the guitar at the age of 7 by his late grandfather Canadian singer songwriter Jonny Starkes knows exactly how to hit us all in the feels especially with his brand new single These Four Walls.

Currently residing in Toronto, Jonny has been working tirelessly at his craft and it is really paying off for this artist. It is refreshing that an artist like Jonny Starkes has released a profoundly vulnerable new track These Four Walls as he lays it all on the table.

It is amazing to see that artists are still writing raw and incredibly personal tracks with minimal instrumentation, as music is made to help support and to heal and this does not just mean for the artist as all listeners can relate to this universal feeling and connect with this track. Jonnys vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Jon bon Jovi and hints of Chad Kroeger, with a writing style influenced with hints of the legend Bob Dylan.

Very excited to hear what comes next from Jonny Starkes.

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