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Treble Review: Joesix 'Beauty Queen' Single Review

The guy with the Funk and Groove.

Joesix is hitting the scene with his latest single Beauty Queen blending together influences from Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop this is a track that is not to be missed. With something new to hear with every transition and something nostalgic within his delivery this will take you back to a time the biggest problem you had was what to wear on a Friday night.

Joesix says that "this song is dedicated to all the women out there. It doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like. We are living in a world where everyone is being judged. Every women out there is beautiful in their own way. I want every woman to feel good about themselves" with the song predominantly based on past relationships and the quest to find the perfect woman, but upon finding her, believing that you will never be good enough for her. It is a plea to give the relationship a chance but expresses the disappointment that this was a love that was doomed to failure.

True to his vibe and style Joesix states he "didn't want to create a sad song, more something that reflects my upbeat personality" which comes off vividly within the music and delivery.

To find out more about Joesix and his upcoming news, gigs and releases then please follow the links below:

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