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Treble Review: Joe Jury-The Streets of Campden EP


Photo Credit: Michael Roughton

Hailing from Blockley, Gloucestershire Joe Jury built his musical taste upon the influences of artists such as Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Peter Gabriel and shortly after began to use these influences to build a foundation for the music that he would soon write for himself.

After years of hard work perfecting his craft Joe Jury is ready to show the world his music with the release of his debut E.P The Streets of Campden due to be released February 10th.

Having had the pleasure of listening to the Streets of Campden E.P before it’s release, it is immediately clear  that Joe Jury was ready to make his statement as an artist. Every single track on this four-track E.P embodies powerful arrangement choices that give Joes voice the support that it needs to standout within the mix.


Photo Credit: Michael Roughton

The track-list opening with the title track Streets of Campden, is incredibly strong and the perfect track to introduce the listener to Joe Jury in terms of the arrangement and instrumentation there is strong emphasis on acoustics to create depth and Joes voice is untamed, unlike many other artists vocally and lyrically he makes his music even more personable and honest. Then followed by tracks such as; Give me all you’ve got, Love you since yesterday and If heaven had a face which all follow suit in terms of creating a very chilled E.P to listen to, of which many of the hooks will stick within your brain until you go back to listen again.


To listen to Joe Jury play live check out these dates for his upcoming gigs:

Feb 24th: 93 Feet East

March 5th: Reboot Unplugged-JW3 Finchley

March 9th: Otis Simpson support: The Islington

March 29th: KYKO support: The Joiners


To find out more on Joe Jury news, gigs and music follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

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