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Treble Review: Jet Luckhurst – ‘Connecting The Dots’ E.P.


Connecting The Dots is a six-track Pop E.P completely written, arranged and recorded by Jet Luckhurst. The E.P takes definite influence from the likes of the songwriters behind One Direction and McBusted with distinct vocal harmony influences from; The Beach Boys and Imogen Heap, and vocal and guitar influence from Newton Faulkner and Ed Sheeran.

Now we can not ignore the E.Ps artwork, which has been created by the talented Lewis Unsworth. The artwork undoubtably sets the tone for what the E.P entails, which narrates themes of heartbreak for the storyteller. The artwork depicts Jet Luckhurst initially in positive and blossoming settings but in contrast on the other side of the trees mirrored image things become more distorted, cracked and dark. Now this may be at first sight another typical breakup album, but I will tell you now that it is by no means a boring one! The E.P. is guaranteed to leave you humming along to one or two of the many memorable  hooks you will find in the E.P.

Despite being about breakups and heartbreak all is not lost! Jet does finish off the album with the perfect full circle when the last song  Sorry Not Sorry narrates the contrasting feelings of falling in love which leaves the E.P and it’s listeners full of hope for what will come next from the talented singer-songwriter.




The perfect opening track due to its upbeat instrumentation, however surprisingly this track narrates themes of disrust in a relationship. The story teller lyrically has to process and come to terms with the unfortunate events that ultimately break the relationship. For instance demonstrated in lines such as ‘Things used to be so sweet, Those kisses on my cheek, Two timing is your thing, That’s really not ok with me’. Now I am not going to spoil the chorus for you, but I will warn you now it is one of the ones that stick!


This track definitely demonstrates the influence of Ed Sheeran. Throughout we are shown just how skilled Jet is at creating an almost rap like flow in order to make the song pop  ‘Hey ho, how was I to know, that you weren’t genuine from the get go’. It works very well taking into account his rapid vocals and use of guitar which definitely shows off how great Jet is at creating interesting sounds on the guitar.


I have such a love for this song and I am glad that it is in the middle of the E.P because it shouldn’t be one that is quickly overlooked. The narratives tell of many superstitious occurrences for somebody having a very bad day.  ‘All these superstitions making my life hell, I need some supervision for this rainy spell. Surely things’ll get better.’


The thing with this E.P is there are so many great hooks and chorus lines that they all stick in your head which is what successful hooks and chorus lines are supposed to do, right?. But this is the line that will drive you insane all day and all night; ‘If you will stop me loving you, How can we be friends?, How can we be friends?’ . 


The thing about this track is, it is guaranteed to be the song you listen to on repeat once you come across across it on the E.P. and you will listen to it for about a week or two before you allow yourself to listen to the rest of the E.P. properly. ‘And I know where my heart wants to go, But I’m holding back the feelings just incase they show.’ [holding back tears] it just gets me every time!

I’m also happy to announce that the My Disguise Video is in fact being recorded very soon along with its single release!


I really like that this is a bonus track, as it is very different from the rest. It’s style contrasts the piano and guitar approach which dominates the previous tracks. However this is welcomed, as it is the song that blossoms love; ‘I feel like I’m a teenager, Those Butterflies that make me feel like I’m on stage, I’m enjoying every day, Who really cares about clichès,’.

Written By: Samantha McQueeney

To find out more about Jet Luckhurst and his future gigs, follow the links below and keep yourselves updated:

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