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Treble Review: Honey&Eve 'I Speak Through Storms - Night Drive Version'

With an extremely modern origin, Hannah and Alex met online through a mutual friend and the pair hit it off straight away and were shortly after making music together. Influenced by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Lorde as well as the absolute legend Hans Zimmer, Honey&Eve were born.

During Covid-19, Hannah and Alex spent the majority of their time writing and recording an amazing six different remix versions of their latest EP 'I Speak through Storms (Remixed)'. Having teamed up with two other producers to create a Metal-Rock version and an Electronic version of the song.

If we explore into 'I Speak Through Storms' at its core, the narrative is about the relationship between nature and humanity. Mother Nature is complaining about the way humanity treats the once close bond. An extremely interesting take on such a current issue that we all are facing being explored through music is brilliant to hear artists of today are doing and we hope that more artists will follow suit.

We are here to hone in on 'I Speak Through Storms - Night Drive Version' its haunting atmospheric take. It's the version that makes you listen to the deeper, darker rooted messages within every depth. The guitar immediately gives a slightly psychedelic twist to the track, but is soon driven with more crashing and rhythmic elements that do drive the track into a different place of Alternative Rock. Vocally we can't help but be reminded of Lzzy Hale, a possible vocal influence, maybe? But with a grit and distinct style, Hannahs vocals really does drive the track in equal measure alongside the instrumentation. The balance is perfect, where many others would drown vocals in instrumentation, this track works with each element to deliver an easy to listen to experience.

Explore Honey&Eve's Spotify now and find your favourite remix of 'I Speak Through Storms'

To find out more about Honey&Eve, their latest news, gigs and releases then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

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