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Treble Review: GALLIMORE - In My Head Single

What started off as a solo project by singer songwriter, Ricky Gallimore soon evolved into something undeniably powerful. The now three-piece GALLIMORE are a force all of their own, symbolising the true meaning of energy and unquestionable emotion, the progressive rock band from Brighton are ready to take on anything!

Comprised up out of Ricky Gallimore (vocals), Oscar Behrens (drums) and Harry Johns (guitar) they’ve utilised the influence of the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Jeff Buckley and the Foo Fighters to carve their own mould.

Now, we must get back to business…

GALLIMORE are here as they are promoting the release of their brand new single ‘In My Head’ set to be released on the 20th April 2017 with a single launch night at The Hope Brighton (Support from Miles Goodall, Jenna Bennet and Mike Newsham). We here at Treble with the Bass have been lucky enough to have been able to hear the single In My Head prior to its release.

But what did we think of it?

The arrangement of the track is highly driven by electric guitar which makes the piece highly energetic and powerful, it is edgy and on the cusp, demonstrating the meaning behind the song perfectly. Although it is highly driven by electric guitar it is followed by acoustic which softens up those moments of venerability. Once they are met by the vocals the piece really does come alive and the chorus is guarenteed to stick in your head! Vocally, Ricky Gallimore is intriguing and his tone has a rugged clarity to it that captivates the listener.

Listen to In My Head now by watching the official lyric video!

To find out more about GALLIMORE and their upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:






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