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Treble Review: Dove House-Unstable Single

The boys are back in town !!!

Dove House are back on the scene with their brand new single Unstable. Although they have changed a little since the last time we saw them, they have evolved into a stronger band. However they haven’t lost their ability to draw us in with their incredible ability to create strong hooks and grooves in order to keep us captive all night and day. And THAT is what we LOVE about them!

The single is set to be released worldwide on Friday 28th April with the release concluding on Tuesday 2nd May at The Hope in Brighton with a release gig. The single being the first step in kicking off their debut tour of the south of England commencing in June 2017.

Now lets talk about the single Unstable! The single is just as captivating as every other Dove House track in the past, however their sound has become increasingly more focused and defined as they grow and evolve together. There is something that always gets us about Jacks vocals that time and time again draws you in, and the single is no different, together with the harmonies on this track is simply magic.

Now there is nothing unstable about the arrangement of this track, something Dove House has always been particularly great at is leaving space for each other, in terms of instrumentation so that every instrument, melody, riff, vocal and harmony can be heard.

To find out more about Dove House and their upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

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