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Treble Review: Dove House-Teeth Single

Well what about  with one of our very favourite bands Dove House and their upcoming single Teeth! The boys are back in town as they say, ay?…Okay, that has been said far too many times by far too many people. But anyway…

Teeth (due for release 12th February 2018) is everything it says on the tin, it will sink it’s teeth into you and it won’t let you go (but in the best way)…in true Dove House style every movement within the composition is heard and felt by the listener, so much clarity within the mix with thanks to Forbes Coleman for that of course. But then again, I also feel ever so slightly sad whilst listening to this but it derives from immense pride as once again I hear another huge transition in Dove House’s sound, their style and songwriting. They’ve grown once again, it’s like every time I hear something new from these guys they sound more and more like the next band to play sold out O2 Arena shows. (*Cries*) Their attention to detail and ability to create tracks that have it all, hooks that stick, bass lines that you will feel deep within your soul. Teeth just has it all and will not disappoint.


In case you don’t know these guys, let me introduce you to the band that are taking their hometown of Brighton by storm; Jack Peacock (Guitar, Vocals), Kieran Philbin (Lead Guitar), Steve Ray (Drums) and Ish Hussein (Bass, Backing Vocals). The beautifully evil minds behind Dove House! And YOU can be there for their single release of Teeth at the Hope & Ruin on Monday 12th February 2018 to witness the radiating addiction that IS Dove House. I promise you, these guys are worth seeing in real-life too!

To find out more about Dove House and their upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

Dove House Website Dove House Facebook Dove House Twiter Dove House Instagram Dove House Soundcloud Dove House YouTube Dove House Spotify

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