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Treble Review: Dove House-Cheap Tricks Debut Single


The Dove House guys are back on the Treble with the Bass scene once again… they have something very important to tell you all. On Thursday 23rd June 2016 they will be releasing their debut single ‘Cheap Tricks’… Now no great single can get out there into the big wide world without having an honorary Treble Review.

Now this track has an instantly infectious guitar hook that will clutch onto you and won’t let you go, not to mention when the synths begin. However the real magic begins when Jack (Lead Singer) starts singing, his voice is articulate and has a one of a kind and memorable quality about it.

The lyrics are wittingly crafted to create vivid scenes and witty lines such as “I heard you rocked up with the boys/ with your blazers and your Air Max/ and your Rolex on finance/ but she doesn’t care/ what you did at the weekend/ she’s leaving with her best friend.”. The real part that got me laughing though was “Rolex on finance”…what a line! But this is nothing more than the real personality of Jack Peacock radiating out through the music and that does not stop at this song, any performance I have ever seen with Dove House there is an immediate energy and genuine vibrant personality with Jack and the boys around him. They have such poignant energy and stage presence that incapsulates an audience and that is one of the most important and hardest things for new emerging bands to master.

To celebrate their debut release on Thursday 23rd June from Dove House they have organised a  headline show booked at the Hope & Ruin, Brighton, which is guaranteed to be an eventful and memorable night for the first phase of such a promising journey for Dove House.

Dove House

For more information about Dove House, then please keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below to get the latest information about gigs, releases and news on the band!

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Please get in touch with Jack at for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of Cheap Tricks.

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