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Treble Review: Dmunsch 'Day to Day' Release

After getting international recognition with his last two singles, together with his friend UnionSteve (Steven De Bondt), Belgian house composer/producer Dmunsch (Alexander Diemunsch) is releasing his solo track Day To Day.

Last year, he and his friend UnionSteve scored second place in the Mid-Year Song Contest by Claudia eRecords with their collaboration “We Own The Summer” and later in 2020, the duo was placed second again with their track “Free World”. It did not take long for the Belgian press to pick up on it.

“Although it was a bummer not to be first, this was clear proof that I am making music that people actually enjoy, and not just my friends and family. Especially the press picking up on it was an amazing experience and a huge motivation to take it to the next level. It inspired me to go bigger this time by, among other things, making a professional music video. I have never been more excited about a single release”.

Day to Day has a feel-good, positive energy to it which resonates with the listener immediately. Built upon elements of deep house, tropical house, disco house and EDM, where categorisation is hard to distinguish it would be safe to call Dmunsch's style "melodic house". With the official music video bringing a fun care-free twist which compliments the track very well.

It will be interesting to see where Dmuncsch takes his music in the future as he seems to have left the door open for cross style collaboration and with his talents already speaking volumes.

To find out more about Dmunsch, his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please keep yourselves informed by clicking on the links below:




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