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Treble Review: Davonte Skillz ‘Never Enough’ Single

Hailing from Miami, Florida Davonte Skillz has crafted his career around his passion for music, writing and performing combined with his admirable and relentless work ethic to earn a name for himself as he emerges into the industry.

Davonte, formally known as Dontrell is a self taught musician who honed his gift at an early age proving to be skilled on instruments such as the keyboard and drums which he would later utilise for his songwriting. Not only has Dontrell acquired over the years his musical talents but he has also proved to be a skilled dancer in styles such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Urban and Street Dance. Slowly earning himself skills to make himself a talented and knowledgeable all around entertainer. Having been inspired by musical huge legends such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé it is clear to see where Davonte has acquired his musicality, style and approach to entertainment.

His new single Never Enough from his upcoming EP Project Genesis that is due for release this summer is a great example of the clear musical understanding of constructing Pop/R&B music that Davonte has acquired. From distinctive hooks, vocally reminiscent of early Jamie FoxxChris Brown and Ne-Yo with the musicality of the track vibe heavy and lyrically focused. This artist is not one to mess with and is clearly earning his place in the industry.

To find out more about Davonte, his upcoming gigs, releases and news then please keep yourselves informed by following the links below:

Davonte Skillz Facebook

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Davonte Skillz Instagram

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