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Treble Review: Cmagic5 'Just Wanna' Single

Mississauga, Canada based artist Cmagic5 is a young high-octane and soulful vocal artist emerging into the industry with her unstoppable single Just Wanna which is about to become your brand new summer anthem.

Reminiscent of the style of Camila Cabello and having been inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. Cmagic5 knows how to work a microphone and to perfection as Just Wanna vibes, it moves and it drives to the brink of flirting with becoming a candidate for becoming a worldwide hit.

Very exciting times ahead for this young and budding artist, at just 18 years old she brings to the table the vocal ability of an artist who has been trained and submerged in the industry for decades.

To find out more about Cmagic5 her upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

Cmagic5 Website

Cmagic5 Facebook

Cmagic5 Twitter

Cmagic5 Instagram

Cmagic5 Youtube

Cmagic5 Spotify

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