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Treble Review: Chloe Leigh & The Willow Trio – Latest Music Bar Brighton


Wednesday 25th January, Latest Music Bar Brighton played host to The BIMM Lamp Light night for songwriters, where we at Treble with the Bass were invited to review the amazing Chloe Leigh & The Willow Trio closing the night with their eight-track set.

To start this review, I must mention a certain lady whom hosted the night, the outstanding talent that is Kat Head whom if you don’t know her now then you absolutely must search this lady up! Not only can she host but she is a great songwriter, rapper, poet and just genuine legend!

Right back to it, as soon as Chloe Leigh hit the stage it was clear she has a presence about her that is absolutely captivating to watch, she not only draws the listener in with her mind-blowingly beautiful vocals but there is a delicate wit about her that she brings onto the stage with her. The band around her The Willow Trio comprised of Hall Duangnil (Guitar), Luke Solodujin (Cajon) and George Richardson (Double Bass) were all equally as intriguing, working wonders with Chloe on stage giving her perfectly arranged musical support that she needed to top off her already beautiful tracks with added character, charm and depth.

Now each track that was played clearly gave the listeners an insightful preview into who Chloe is as an artist and mostly whom she is as a person. The set list; Sitting on the Outside, Here We Go, Cracks, Fairylights, Momentos Asi, Ghosts, If You Were Here and Lost and Losing, were all perfectly placed within the set to give the optimum listening experience.


The third song Cracks is a very important song right now for Chloe Leigh & The Willow Trio as they have recently had its music video released. The song itself was stunning, giving the listeners an impactful view into Chloe Leigh as an folk inspired artist and her solid ability to write with such imagination and heart, her gift of mesmerising anybody whom hears her is impecible.  This is the song to kick start your journey into the Chloe Leigh fandom!

Another song to mention that Chloe played is Monmentos Asi, a track that shows Chloe’s diversity and unexpected difference as a songwriter as she incorporated Spanish into this tracks arrangement flawlessly. When this song was played the room lit up (not literally) and joined in with some fitting clapping, now a moment like this is special at a gig.

Honestly if you want to see something magical and truly brilliant then go and see these guys I promise you, you won’t regret it!

If you want to find out more about Chloe Leigh & The Willow Trio then please follow the links below in order to keep yourselves updated with news, gig dates and more:

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