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Treble Review: Brandon McDonnell - Won’t Let You Know Single

Brandon McDonnell is an artist that I have been secretly dying to introduce you to for the past four years and now finally after such a long time waiting for him to step out he is ready to show the Treble with the Bass world who he is. This singer-songwriter wears his heart on his sleeve and that is overwhelmingly prudent within his music and these days very few artists in and emerging into the industry retain their true authenticity and integrity within every musical move they make and every note they play. Brandon is everything he appears to be a kind soul, a wizard at creating vivid hooks and strong melodies no surprise then that Brandon has been influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Oasis.

Now he is introducing his brand new single Won’t Let You Know available right now alongside its music video! Strong statements highlight this lyrically compelling track lines such as; “being an old school romantic in a hook-up culture” just reiterates the true personality this artist has with his ability to create a strong hook within Won’t Let You Know to capture the listener in to the mesmerising vocal tones.

If you want to find out more about Brandon McDonnell and his upcoming news and gigs then please follow the links below and show him some support:

Brandon McDonnell Website Brandon McDonnell Facebook Brandon McDonnell Soundcloud


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