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Treble Review - Bianca Aristía ‘Hurt By Rejection’ Single

The latest release from a familiar artist here on Treble with the Bass, the amazing singer-songwriter Bianca Aristía has finally dropped her latest single Hurt By Rejection, an incredibly personal and vulnerable piece, written from the personal experiences and childhood trauma of Bianca Aristía of not finding acceptance, that also reflected in her adult relationships and gave rise to lots of resentment and anger. Though negative, these emotions are sources of personal power and expressing them is a key element of healing.

Produced and mixed by RE:MIND (Daniel Wierczeiko), with whom she’s been working closely with on an her upcoming album, this record is a Hip Hop and R&B lovers dream. Incorporated with trap beats and vibrant syntha. Bianca’s vocals are as edgy and powerful as they always are repeating the hook that you will hear for hours after. True to its form the voice enthused not only an entire jury of the TV-show The Voice of Germany in the past, but also the hearts of her fans, that she won over in her live concerts in Mexico, Spain and Germany and in her daily radio play in Brazil, Canada and Tanzania.

To find out more about Bianca Aristía, her upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below:

Bianca Aristia Website Bianca Aristia Facebook Bianca Aristia Soundcloud

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