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Treble Review: Bianca Aristía ‘Enough’

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? Maybe, but it is not only a New Year but it is also a new decade so you can let me off this once right? As they say it is better late then never!

With this new year, we pledge to bring you the best reviews, interviews and much more from upcoming artists emerging from the music industry. So, let me introduce you to Bianca Aristía hailing from Leipzig, Germany. At a young age this talented singer/songwriter learned to translate her thoughts and emotions into music. Having been inspired by the likes of legends such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, Bianca soon took the plunge to pursue her life in music. So far this has included reaching the quarter finals of The Voice of Germany in 2012, numerous releases and the completion of a Bachelors degree in Voice. It is safe to say that this musician has been busy.

Enough sews together Bianca’s experience over her career of perfecting her craft and finding her sound. From start to finish this track bursts into a strong R&B structure with distinct Trap influence and a foundation built upon classic Pop elements that add colour to the mix, combined with a strong hook and Bianca’s fierce vocals. Unexpected yet adding more to the tracks individuality is a rap break that gives the piece a fighting kick towards pushing the ultimate message that Enough narrates, the breakdown of an evidently one-sided relationship.

If you would like to find out more about Bianca Aristía her upcoming gigs and news then please click on the links below:

Bianca Aristia Website Bianca Aristia Facebook Bianca Aristia Soundcloud

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