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Treble Review - Amela 'I'm Alright' Single

Gold Coast singer-songwriter Amela recently released her latest single I'm Alright recorded by upcoming producer Josh Beattie. The Electronic/Pop track explores many areas of its genre and plays with developing upon Amelas vocals that typically maintain its pure clean tone with limited effects keeping true to her natural vocal clarity. Surrounded in a bed of synth and percussion, it is great to hear that space is made for each part of I'm Alright to grow together into a piece that completely drives yet still retains its simplicity as not to drown Amela's vocals in too much depth.

Amela explained that she was originally inspired by the musicianAlldayand goes on to say that she wanted to pitch the song to him to collaborate on"I think when I was writing the song I had his sort of melancholic electronic vibes from his song In Motion in my head so I wanted the final mix to resemble this track a little bit."It is easy to identify withinI'm Alright where Amela has drawn references within the track from that of Allday but it is in these instances that it is interesting to discover how Amela has made the track her own by staying quite true to her own style. There is no doubt that there are very exciting things on the horizon for this artist.

To find out more about Amela her upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

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