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Treble with the Bass: Alex Hedley-Shadow Lake E.P

Shadow Lake - EP

Shadow Lake E.P. Review

Alex Hedley is a singer-songwriter hailing from Dorset, his debut solo E.P. Shadow Lake consisting of four beautifully written tracks that imbed the real magic and passion for his art. His infectious guitar playing and vocals relentlessly provoke the listening ear into a whirlwind.

This E.P has been on repeat for days and it never seems to get old or tiresome, every time I hear it I seem to hear something new and undiscovered hidden within the compositions.

Gig Review

The Marwood Coffee Shop in Brighton played host to a lovely gig this evening (Wednesday 7th September) for the very talented Alex Hedley. The evening was kickstarted by a lovely set played by the mesmerising talents of Lily McCauley whose infectious vocals and charm guarantee to bring an audience to their knees.

Alex Hedley later owned the stage with his set, immediately taking over the room with his soul bearing lyrics and vocals. The clarity in his vocal delivery succeed in drawing the audience in to moments of complete engrossed passion.

The entire night succeeded in showcasing the talented musician that Alex is. Listening and watching Alex play was completely captivating, his finger style was flawless and engrossing. The gig was the perfect way to spend a very lovely evening.

Alex Hedley Marwood

Alex Hedley-Interview

There are many challenges that emerge when coming to write and record music. What were the real musical and personal challenges that occurred when writing and recording the ‘Shadow Lake’ E.P? It was tricky after having been part of a band for the past 6 years to try and play the majority of the instruments myself without it all sounding too samey. I think for the next E.Ps I will definitely be getting more players on the ep so that it sounds more varied with other ideas that I wouldn’t think of myself.

What track on the E.P would you say holds the greatest amount of meaning to you?

I think ‘what it is’ holds the most but the track that I am the happiest with is ‘one day’.

As a whole how would you describe the E.P?

It’s just a shifting phase from my old life into my new life. I’m really happy with the EP but think that the future eps will be a lot more ‘me’ sounding as this one was just trying to work out what that sound was.

Whom would you state as your musical influences? Nick Drake, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil young, Oceansize and so many more. But they’re the basics.

Let’s take it back; can you pinpoint the moment when you wrote your first song and how it felt?

Hmm I don’t think I would be able to remember that because I was probably about 12… but I would imagine I thought it was amazing but was totally wrong.

Presently are you touring and if so where can my readers come to see you perform?

Here is a link to my current tour as the list is quite long. I’m also going to be touring the Netherlands and Germany in November.

Where would you say the ultimate inspiration for the album came from?

A mixture of light and dark… light being the summer in Dorset where half of it was made and the dark being on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland throughout the winter which was bleak and desolate. Also lots of confusion… but I am out of that now so that’s good!

Tell us about your band?

On the E.P Allan Varnfield Played drums… he is the drummer from our old band ‘Saturday Sun’ Billy Merrick also played some acoustic on one track. He was also the guitarist in ‘Saturday Sun’. and also my friend Alec played bass on one track. We’re all really close friends.

How long would you say the E.P took from start to finish to complete? 

Probably about 6 months. I recorded about 10 songs and only used 4 of them… which happens a lot when making albums etc.

From a song writing perspective how did you find the writing for the E.P?  

It was quite tricky as it was new territory which I hadn’t done before… But I learnt a lot from it and think it will be much easier in the future.

Alex Hedley

To find out more about Alex Hedley and his upcoming news and gigs then please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

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