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Treble Review: Adalia-Stray Hearts EP

Adalia is back and not without her debut EP Stray Hearts!

The revealing five track EP Stray Hearts embodies everything that Adalia stands for and that is the way she works relentlessly to embody both the parts of ourselves we hide from prying eyes, and the parts we wish we could live by.

The last time we spoke about this artist she had just released her debut single Royals but we have purposely left her more formal introduction until now.

Adalia grew up in a household submerged in musical influence but has drawn focus in her writing from the writing styles of Steinman and Armstrong and the literature of Stevenson, Poe, Grimm Brothers which have all helped to shape her intricate and ambiguous storytelling focus. Adalia’s vocal influence stems from the likes of Kim Wilde, Taylor Momsen, Amy Lee and Kate Bush.

Now Stray Hearts has finally set Adalia on the same road her influences have been on once before at the dawn of their careers. As said the EP consists of five tracks; Victorious, The End, Legendary, Shatter the Glass and Royals. What to expect from this EP is a solid Rock foundation with a twist of Punk and Pop influence to set the compositions off. Lyrically in true Adalia style we can expect vivid pictures to be painted and the soul baring truths of a young rebels soul.

To find out more about Adalia, upcoming releases, gigs and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

Adalia Website

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Adalia Instagram

Adalia YouTube


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