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Treble Review: Adalia - Royals Single

Introducing Adalia an artist whom draws on the writing influences of the likes of Stevenson, Poe and Grimm Brothers has moulded her own storytelling writing style to give her audience the real untamed and truthful layers of herself.

Adalia’s debut single Royals is set to be released 12th May 2017 and we here at Treble with the Bass have been given an exclusive sneak peak and this is what we thought about it…and there is even a cheeky little preview for you !

Royals embodies the energy and rebellion that comes with youth, through arrangement and instrumentation. Bringing back the de-ja-vu Punk influences from the likes of the Ramones, The Clash and Patti Smith. Vocally drawing in the grit and haunting decadence that can only be compared to the likes of Amy Lee, Kim Wilde and Kate Bush, Adalia comes into her own with her distinct style. You can’t help but be drawn into the whirlwind.

There is something profoundly refreshing and unapologetic about this artist that we can’t help but love. Maybe Punk is not completely dead?

To find out more about Adalia, upcoming releases, gigs and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

Adalia Website

Adalia Facebook

Adalia Twitter

Adalia Instagram

Adalia YouTube

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