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‘The Art and Approaches to Songwriting’ with Ella Bergonzi-Cullinan

Art is pain, and pain is art. To explain what I’ve just stated above – writing and creating any art is tough work. Whether you find it easy or difficult to write songs, at some point you’ll probably doubt yourself, or you won’t find the right words or melody, or maybe you’re writing about a bad life experience that just brings it all back to you and you’re finding it difficult to channel those emotions without re-living it all over again. Songwriting is a piece of art, once created. I feel like some of my best, most stripped back and raw, emotive songs I’ve written have always been during or after a shitty experience in my life. Those are the best kinds of songs. Despite the pain you go through in writing it -they are the songs people relate to, it is now not just your pain once you release this song into the world… It is shared pain, with people who know what it feels like. To be hurt, to be betrayed, to have hurt someone else, to be happy, to be sad, to feel. Everyone feels and feel’s alone. It just takes the right song for them to feel with other people.


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