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Inspiration in Uncertain Times - Bella

For most people, you can find inspiration in the littlest things. But when there is so much negativity, hate and uncertainty in the world, especially now, it feels like you have to work extra hard to find it.

I just received my start date for going back to my retail job, when I realized that I’d be going back to a work routine I suddenly felt an immense amount of guilt for maybe not using the past few months as I should have, as more of a reason to just sit and have a creative outpour. To stick a middle finger up to time keeping, to creative blocks... But when we live in today’s world as creatives, experiencing something like this for the first time just like everybody else, there can't be any judgement, especially on how ‘productively' you feel your day has gone.

For the first 2 months of lockdown I was proud of myself if I had a shower before 4PM. Now I feel a bit more settled, a little less paranoid and anxious, I think the key thing is to trust in the process. Not just in music, or your art but whatever you do. Trust that the sun and the moon will always rise no matter what happens.

One of the hardest things to do, is to be present. To not worry about the past or the future. Practicing being present and finding the positive’s in little things really helps to inspire your mind, body and soul. If anyone is stuck for inspiration right now, try practicing mindfulness. Anything from sitting outside and listening to the birds to a digital detox to just taking a pen to paper and writing whatever comes to mind. All of this will allow your mind to feel better so that you can create better. Caring for your mental state comes first. This is hard to remember when, if you’re like me, you put so much pressure on yourself to write, then if you can’t you slowly start spiraling into a void of self-doubt and insecurity. If you look after your mind first, creation will follow.

Written by Bella

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