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Creativity through Covid-19 - John Galea

Songwriting can be a true form of therapy for most and this is very true for myself during these times of COVID-19 and the lockdown we have all been experiencing. My piano has been my solid rock throughout the outbreak documenting my solitude, happy moments and feelings of fear for the future. 

Although there have been many days and nights of creative blocks where I've either powered through or put the piano lid down, I have managed to write a full albums worth of slow soul songs as well as upbeat dance records. The swing of emotions have been intense to say the least at times and have been an escape from he current climate we are in. 

Gone are the days of my busy London studio sessions, working with various writers, producers and musicians  - replaced by Zoom sessions, TikTok Piano Sessions and solo piano hours. It's a world a way from what I have been used to.

Time though has been very useful when researching back catalogues of the great songwriters like Diane Warren, Elton JohnBurt Bacharach etc and their use of melody and lyrics together and trends they used to create their Number 1 masterpieces. My daily allowed exercise allowance has allowed me to explore songwriting from the 1950's to now and discover songs I never knew before. I never really had the time to listen to the whole of Spotifys New Music playlist every Friday, only dipping in and out but now I have the time and it's brilliant to to discover the new songwriters and music coming through.

What I've learnt? That's it isn't always great to overthink or rush when songwriting. Try not to put too much pressure and burden on yourself to song write. Being in the moment is everything and getting out a lyric or medley when you feel it's right no matter how small or short is just as important as listening or just playing music.

COVID-19 might have distanced us but good songs and music will always find a way of uniting us all.

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