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Bass Interviews: Unveil The Sense – ‘September 3000’ Album

Introducing Unveil The Sense comprised of band members Manos Tirokomakis (Vocals), Angel Gray (Guitar), George Kararizos (Bass), Teo Makris (Drums), Chris Muspaint (Keytar) Alternative Electronic Rock band hailing from Greece. I was lucky enough to have been able to interview the bands drummer Teo on the band!

Tell us about the origins of the band and its members… It all started as a project at college, from Manos, Angel and George, who got the idea and gave birth to this band. Later it all evolved and grew into something much more serious and bigger. Then soon Chris on the keyboard and samples and Me (Teo) on drums joined. All five of us shared the dream and the passion for music and together we created our own distinctive style.

How long have you been together as a band? With this formation lets say we have been together for two years but the band existed from 2012. As I mentioned Manos,George and Angel met each other at College. I knew Manos back from the time he was with his old band. We met each other at a gig we played together. We added each other on Facebook and since he made his first song with Unveil the Sense (Back at the time the name of the band was No Entry), he sent it to me for my opinion. I found it extremely great and really inspiring. The sound was so unique. Then after some months he proposed for me to become a member of the band and I told him I would without further hesitation. Manos and Chris met each other in some venues in Athens and he then brought him into the band. I still remember our first rehearsal at Chris’s house. EPIC!

You’ve released your album ‘September 3000’ on Bandcamp can you tell us about what the album entails and what you wanted to musically achieve with it? SEPTEMBER 3000 is our first album and our first basic ideas with this band.All of the things that we said in this album are about the future, about how the feelings will be, how the relationship will evolve and how all this situation will tear us apart from the inside. Musically the album is trying to be something that sounds like music of the future with a mix of Rock n Roll (We call it Alternative Electro Rock).The album draws inspiration from lots of different musical genres, such as rock n’ roll, new wave of metal ,nu metal, alternative rock,electronic genres, dubstep and drum n’ bass. In the period of putting our ideas into paper we had many influences from artists like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Thirty Seconds To Mars, The Doors, Bring Me The Horizon, Fall Out Boy, Modestep, Pendulum and Skrillex.

How long did the album take to record? Oh man…(laughs). Almost a year to record it perfectly because all of the songs had evolved everyday as more ideas from other influences would roll in. You know when you hear a song again and again you will always find something inside that you want to change. But there was a point that we just couldn’t make something better than this result, which is what we actually wanted to achieve for our first album. I think that’s kinda difficult. I don’t think that most of the bands are completely satisfied with their first album or they are completely determined that they achieved the sound they wanted. We did and we are happy

Using three words how would you describe the album? Hmm…Electronic Alternative Rock. The best 3 words to describe the whole situation musically speaking. If you want to speak about feelings I would say Deep, Strong and Meaningful.

Are there any messages in the album? Yes of course. First of all we talk about our future feelings as mankind. We talk about pills that will keep our emotions as we know them today to keep us sane. We are trying to prevent this from happening. Feelings are what makes us differ from each other. Hate, Love, Pain, Compassion. Be true, be unique, be spontaneous!

It is exciting that you have released an album! But what is next? We already have two video clips on youtube on our band page for ‘Short time Living’ and ‘Minor Song’. We are ready of a small tour in Greece and then our biggest move will be United Kingdom. We will move to Brighton for our new career movement. Fingers crossed you will hear our first Brighton Gig soon enough. Prepare yourself!

(Short Time Living)

(Minor Song)

What have been your main influences as a band when coming to write your own music? This is the fun part. We are 5 separate personalities. Let me show you what I mean. Manos’ favorite band is 30 seconds to Mars, Angel’s is Deftones, George’s are Slipknot, Chris Bon Jovi and Crossfaith and mine are The Doors and Foo Fighters. Kinda the same but at the same time completely different. Our main influences are all of them plus Linkin Park, Pendulum, Skrillex, Modestep, Bring me the Horizon and many more. We hear a variety of different stuff.

How do you go about songwriting in the band? The main job is being done by Manos. He is the leader lets say, to the process. He has the main idea, chord progression and vocal melody in his mind. Angel then will put his lead guitar idea or a riff,George will figure out the Bass chords. Then I will come up with a certain beat that fits on their melody. The last part is the electronic stuff and the synths. I think it’s pretty straight forward. To be honest when it comes to our second album it will be completely different but I don’t know what will happen. I am afraid you have to wait and see.

Are you all originally from Greece and is that where you will all be based? Yeah we are all from Greece and the band was based in Athens till this September. We will move to Brighton as I said. New fresh start. Different aura, different approach to music also. Lets see what will happen.

Are any tours or gig dates being planned for 2015-2016? We will play a gig at 8ball club in Thessaloniki the 3rd of September and in Athens on 8th of September at Six Dogs. We will want you to come and see us!

What would you say has been your biggest achievement as a band so far? I would say Schoolwave Festival, or our first album. But know these are just steps to something bigger. The biggest achievement so far is that we stayed together and worked together and the most importantly we are friends and we hang out and we will live together.

What are your wishes as a band for 2016? We want to do as many gigs as we can in UK. Start to make a name there and build up our fanbase and most importantly to create our own personalities and evolve our sound to something different or the same but much stronger than now.

I wish Unveil the Sense the best of luck with their future here in Brighton. They have a new world of opportunities here to showcase their music and make a name for themselves. I have no doubt in my mind that they will flourish!

To find out more about Unveil the Sense and their future gigs and progress, follow the links below and keep yourselves updated:

Unveil the Sense Facebook Unveil the Sense Twitter Unveil the Sense Bandcamp Unveil the Sense YouTube Unveil the Sense Instagram

Written By: Samantha McQueeney


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